Hello – One Year, One Goal

Good day guys. Am so sorry for my late posts, pretty occupied but I promise you have my full attention hence forth.

When its the beginning of a new month or week or year I get this itchybfeeling to settle down and look at my goals; how far I’ve gone, how close I am to them and over the past few days I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and guess what you can’t serve two masters at a time. Yes indeed we have more than one goal and we also have one that is most important to us. Studies show that pursuing one goal at a time yields speed in how close you get to that particular goal.

You can have more than one goal but try and settle on what you want 2016 to be for you, you still wanna be where you were last year or you want to move forward?, where do u want to be by the end of this year?, what’s your wish or prayer this year? Whats the first thing you think about each morning and when you bow down in prayer? By the time you answer these few questions then you know your major goal for this year..Don’t sit there and wait till you are ready. Move. Do something to make your future proud.


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