Great Purge 2

My last post was on throwing everything that served no purpose in your life to the left. Am gonna emphasize more on that. Some of us are still holding onto meaningless relationships, friendships,thoughts,grudges and so much more that do more harm than good thereby causing us to be unhappy,frustrated,withdrawn from the world .

Don’t look back on anything that no longer serves purpose in your life and you will be amazed how much change would occur in your life. When you let go of irrelevant things you make space for peace you make peace with your environment and only then can you find inner peace and . Just take your time today and clear the clutter whether its negative people, bad habits, mindsets, thoughts …remove unnecessary things from your life.

Okay so am taking this bold step to commence on my 30days diet starting from 21st of January, I hope to drop two sizes…letting go of my bad habit of eating too much food😢. So I’ll be posting my before and after photos in 30days  and my healthy eating 😉. Join me and start up your own 30days challenge of a healthy life style.




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