The Great Purge.

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, have you spoken to God today, if your answer is NO I urge you to speak to him as you read this message from me.

First of all PURGING is defined as a process of cleansing thoroughly, to get rid of impurities, to free from sin,burden guilt or responsibility of misdeeds. Looking at another definition of this word it is also defined as an evacuation of the bowels or vomiting. You can attest to the fact that when we purge as in the second definition it hurts, we have this sharp pain that so uncomfortable and when we are through with it we feel this relief . Now that’s how it really is when you remove or cleanse your space, your life of things that no longer add to you positively. Its hard to be happy, to hear from God when you we are surrounded with chaos.

From time to time toxic people will find their way into our lives, toxic relationships, friendships and products. Its not going to be easy getting rid of them, the first few weeks may not be a good/happy one for you but you would move forward so fast you’ll look back and be proud of yourself. My word for you today is do you have any product, clothes, appliances, or anything you’re not using anymore, things that no longer serve a purpose, to the left to the left, things that no longer make you happy let them go. When you clear your space you are making peace with your environment and only then can you find inner peace.

Ridding your life of clutter and gabbage will teach you that there are certain things you can let go off and not even miss.


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