Hello – In time of discouragement and when all hope is lost , God always shows up😄☺

Hello guys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, once again happy new year to you all. It is my prayer that your heart desires be answered in Jesus Name, Amen.


When we talk to him wholeheartedly, spitting every single thought and hurt we feel in our heart we should trust him to perform his miracles. When we pray we should have FAITH that God is going to do exceeding above all, FAITH relates with TRUST, when you trust in him he would perform wonders. He said run to me and I will give thee rest. When you PRAY and you TRUST and Hope For the MIRACLES , you should have FAITH☺ adding to it and you would see a major turn around. The keywords are PRAY, TRUST, HOPE, FAITH AND HARDWORK.

There comes a time, sometimes just a moment of discouragement which makes us withdraw from moving closer to our goals . When you get this way don’t sit and cry all day, or complain to people, here’s what you should do; get down on your kneels and talk to God. There’s a saying “pray hard when the going gets tough, pray harder when its hard to pray”. I’ll give you an advice, sometimes you can fast for a short while for as long as you can go, in this period of fasting spend time talking with God and you’ll be amazed by the wonders he can do) . No it’s not gonna be easy, but it’ll be worth it.

Over the past two months I’ve come to realise that I find joy and happiness in talking to God💞🙏. I feel this assurance and confidence that everything is gonna fall into place, and I just keep my head straight and keep going . The truth is sitting down and crying or complaining to your family or friend won’t help matters, talk to someone who wouldn’t get tired of listening to you, talk to someone who can give you a solution.

I find so much joy and comfort talking to God💕, pouring my heart to him. He’s just waiting patiently for you to reach out to him, he’s ready to lead you through the right path, he’s ready to comfort, he’s always there for you, make him your best friend and trust me he’s gonna give you the advice and business ideas and so many ideas and decisions that would turn your life around. Don’t hold back, go on your kneels wherever you are and talk to him❤☺ He’s been there all along for me😄☺, don’t feel bad or condemn yourself if you feel you aren’t worthy to talk to him. If you feel that way say this prayer Psalm 52. God bless you.💕😘💋


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