Hey Guys and Girls☺


Good day ladies and gentlemen. 2015 has been a blessing to me, a huge one at that because it was ‘An Eye-Opener’. So many things has happened in a year, but everything I went through taught me just one ‘Life Goes on’. You can’t have a better life if you don’t learn, you can’t have a better life if you don’t move on. That’s just the word, when you get your heart painfully broken twice in such a short while and you are constantly reminded of the pain when you stare at their contacts or their pictures or listen to songs that remind you of the moments you had with them, the best option is to move on…because life goes on you have a lot ahead of you to catch up with. Or when you hear shit said about you by your friends or you have a bossy friend or a proud ass bitch for a friend…you can’t get stuck trynna confront them or quarel with them or show them you don’t take rubbish😭😭 . In the end it really doesn’t matter, what matters is what you have ahead of you, if u get stuck up with these things am sorry your 2016 would definitely be worse than your 2015.


But first, make peace with 2015 and everything and everyone involved in it so you can close this chapter peacefully and gracefully👧👦☺😘

Some of us reading this message right now may have a grudge against someone; maybe physically or spiritually, you can’t move forward in 2016, you can’t be happy and live the new and happy life you want if you don’t let go of the pain, heartbreak, grudge ( or beef as nigerians call it).

As you make peace with your life in 2015 and the situations, I welcome you on board as we take off on flight NewYear2016 going to greater heights…. We’ll be landing shortly☺☺☺☺☺. Stay blessed lovelies. 😘

Happy Holidays🎉🎊



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