Hello Procrastinator


Just do it. Procrastinating just holds you back . Do it once and get done with it☺

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, Happy Christmas in arrears, Happy Holidays. Am so sorry I haven’t posted in a while.

A Procrastinator is one who procrastinates, one who delays on working on things. To Procrastinate means to put off, to delay taking actions, to wait until later.


Today i am talking about a procrastinator, I chose this topic because I am one of the many procrastinators in the universe and its a bad habit. It does not only hold you back but it brings about unhappiness  and a very very long and hard way to success. I will explain with this short story of mine.

“12months ago I decided to work out and get fit, get a flat stomach and have cellulite free thighs. Initially what I wanted was to be able to wear bum shorts, crop tops, body-cum dresses, bikinis and feel fit (not skinny) . I would start off my exercise and dieting and within days I would drop out and suddenly I saw myself saying ‘I will workout in an hour’ an hour became days and I graduated to ‘I will start my diet again next month’ my next month became months and now its the end of the year and I didn’t accomplish anything pertaining to my FIT GOALS 😢, sad isn’t ?”

This is exactly what happens when you procrastinate..you have nothing done and you regret and probably start hating yourself 😞

Whenever you want to procrastinate no matter what you are doing think about how close you are to your goals if you take the right actions. If you can’t stop the habit of a procrastinor there’s just one option, this is the best option – Talk to your creator, he’s the only one that can solve any problematic issue in your life .

Thank you for reading.

Happy Holidays ☺🎉🎊


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