Hello Let’s Talk☺

Good day ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, mothers and fathers and everyone about to read this message. I will be talking on how to defeat/manage insecurities and disappointments. First of all what brings about disappointment, disappointment is a result of too much expectation; a friend of mine once said. When you expect too much from people, when you trust people without limit …such things bring about disappointment. If you become less expectant on people you become free of dissappointments, its so simple. Give it a try.


The easiest solution to your insecurities and disappointments is Jesus. Truth is when you believe that Jesus has forgiven you all your sins and he loves just as you are you care less about what people think about your past and more on working on a better you. It all sums down to right believing and everything works out for you. At this stage you only look up to God and disappointment ends☺👧

over to insecurities, insecurity is a sense of instability which threatens one’s self-ego or self-image. When you become insecure you see yourself as an inferior to certain individuals, to certain things in life. I solely believe that insecurity reduces or damages your thinking capabilities you begin to think in an abstract way and so little a way for a person like you to be thinking. The best way to defeat insecurity is to first know your worth and what you stand for. So many of you don’t know what your worth  is and that’s why people walk in and out of your life and you start begging people back into your life and you become so scared of what happens next and soon everyone starts taking you for granted. The major step to defeating insecurity is knowing your worth and knowing what you stand for. And that’s where insecurity dies and respect creeps in.

God bless you lovelies☺😘

Have a success-filled week ahead

😚See you on Friday👧👧🚺



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