Hello Introvert⚫

Good day lovely ladies and gentle men reading this message right now. First, I will define who an introvert is

“An introvert is simply a person/individual who finds maximum company and joy in their alone time.”

Most introverts like me love social media where they express their feelings, most introverts keep diaries where they can jot down whatever is on their mind, they talk less, sleep more, read more, write more, have ongoing scenarios in their minds and they keep everything inward. While some individuals are born introverts some are not. Like me certain situations or conditions lead to introversion. Let me give an example, I had a time in my life when I felt that my voice was irrelevant, where I felt my opinion was ignored, where I felt my opinion did not matter, this made me think I was not important as my peers and the rest of my family members and I decided to keep everything to my self, I would lock my self up in a room and stay all day, I would sleep and eat and read books for as long as I could, I would talk less and feel so disturbed and uncomfortable with peoe around, family inclusive and people mistook it for shyness. Its still a major problem in my life till date.


“A term introduced by the psychologist Carl Jung to describe a person whose motives and actions are directed inward. Introverts tend to be preoccupied with their own thoughts and feelings and minimize their contact with people. ” .

I chose this topic today because I am an introvert and I love my space I love my privacy I love being alone , any other company is sometimes a nuisance on my side. But trust me fellow introverts being inward and using social media as a platform tu be heard or to hear your own voice is doing more damage than good.

Not against being inward but reach out to close ties once in a blue moon. If there’s one thing I’ve done so much as an introvert its to read books, don’t just read fiction, read Christian-Life changing books. If you need someone to talk to just talk to God. He’s always there.


Keep doing what you love. Be proud of who you are. Keep talking to only your creator☺💯💯⚫

ext blog post would be talking on how to manage insecurities and disappointments. Have a lovely and blessed-filled day.


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