Hello Sleepless Nights😓


Hey its me again, am up here wondering how do I become successful, am here unable to sleep and am thinking about being successful, how do I make it?. Many times we get encouraged, many times we have faith that we would make it we have faith for God’s miraculous turnaround in our lives but we forget that “Faith Without Works Is Dead”.

Am just here to encourage you today, you’ll never be better at what you do or what you love if you dont start somewhere, truth is it doesn’t matter where you start from what matters is where you’re going.


You will never get to your destination if you don’t start 😆. Do it for your kids to have the childhood you always dreamt 😍😋😘☺, do it for the lovely driveway and luxurious home you dream of🏩🙈😺, do it for the peaceful country you always prayed for 🙇, do it for your parents that trained you so hard 😚😚 and lastly do it for God, for he that’s in you is greater than he that is in the world😊🙏

I believe like me, there are so many Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and other religions that want to be successful, that want it so bad to change the world, that want to be known for greatness and so much more. My message to you is start somewhere, anywhere and when  you wake up every morning kneel to your creator and ask him for direction, guidance and most of all his grace upon you. Because only the grace of God can take you to higher places.

If you want to be anauthor start somewhere even if it means writing a page a day, if you want to be an actress start acting start doing stage performance and have your family as the audience (or friends as the case may be), if you want to be a host or OAP ( On Air Personality) startby recording your voice with a mobile gadget and send to family and friends to comment on them. All I am trying to say is start somewhere, you’ll never get to your destination without a starting point .

Don’t just have sleepless nights and become unproductive or anything negative. When you wake up every morning after talking creator, look in the mirror and speak power and success into that image you see right there.

God bless you.

Have a productive and success filled with happiness week ahead. ☺💃


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