Hello Girl


Don’t sleep or lay in pain or regret, move on and make yourself proud. Make it happen…get over that hurt and when you remember this day of hurt and pain you gonna smile😸

let me tell you a story. Once upon a time I liked this guy in his late twenties and I made up my mind to tell him. After weeks and months of our closeness I had my bubbles bursted😹😹 when he explained to me we couldn’t be together because of the situation at hand and the official post he had I understood him quite well. I cried so badly and blamed him for a second because I saw a future with him but then I realised that he actually did me a favour; he didn’t ask for sex or any sort of sexual pleasure, although he changed afterwards , although he led me on but he saved me a worse pain / heart break. Guys like this are hard to find.

What am I trying to say? Am saying that if you got heart broken today or last month or last night as the case may be its not the end of the world. Believe me its not the end of the world , its actually a great chance for you to make it right a right chance to make things right.   Many times heart breaks or disappointment happen to us to become better personalities or make uus see how the world really is.  Most times pain is usually the best experience . don’t sit there and cry all there, look at that image in the mirror and aim to be better aim to get over that breakdown aim to be stronger than you have ever been.


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